Hands On Humanism – United Kingdom

Me again, so, hello, again, haha, With another post and, another video. This one took me away from my own music, and had me delving into my video production software for something pleasing to the ear, that would go with something pleasing to the eye. I think I chose well.

This last year or eighteen months or so, four people have asked me to make a little something video wise. This is the latest, completed one. Having followed several FB pages on the subject of Humanity, Peace, and generally making it a better world, I discovered a world movement called “Hands On Humanism.” It was founded in Canada, and calls for the end of militarism and a focus on Humanism. After leaving a few comments here and there on their FB and Youtube pages, I was asked if I could make a film about Humanism. They have several videos on the subject from different parts of the world, and me being from the UK, would be perhaps the first of many. So, I was very pleased to oblige. They already had videos from around America, Romania, Spain and Mauritius and more.

Humanism is a word that came about at the beginnings of the renaissance. It pertains to the positivity of people, and the empathy that people feel for each other. So this was the angle that I wanted to come from, in the making of this 3:24 of film.

Full credit goes to all the people in the film, and the photographers. I just glued them all together with some effects and some nice music.

I have put a disclaimer on the video and in its description. The flowers and the spinning world are freebies from clipcanvas.com.

We hope you like it, and get something out of it, and there is a link under the video to the Hands On Humanism Facebook page and their Youtube Channel too. Enjoy.

Many thanks for watching, and have a great weekend.


Hands On Humanism, Facebook page

Hands On Humanism, Youtube Channel

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Eve and I

Hey all :)

here’s something I’ve been wanting to put together for a while. I did start a while back but my poor old puter was choking on it’s own lack of memory along with it’s antiquated processor, but. Now I have a more powerful machine so I can get a number of cool special effects going on in one scene. Hence the completion of this video.

So, what’s this Eve and I about?!? Who is Eve anyway? Well, eveonline is a mmorpg, (massive multiplayer online role playing game). That takes place in the Eve Universe, called New Eden. By using some screen capture software, my camcorder and me, I’ve made this short film.

Here are some stills…




The music, alas is not my composition. That, came bundled with the video editing program. Maybe I could have done my own music, but. The scene changes were done accompanying this track, “Dreamer”, and I felt that it worked great just as it was. So if it aint broke don’t fix it, right? Anyway, I hopes ya likes it. Leave me your comments, thumbs up, or whatever you can click on.

Many thanks for your time, for reading, for watching and for your support for all of my entries in this here blog.



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Tabla Kadabra

Hi all, here’s my latest. I looked up some Indian scales, then some Arabic scales and then some Persian scales. This fits more into Persian than the other two, by my ear. Once again I’ve used Garritan World Instruments for this, which is used by the pro’s, such as U2, INXS and Celine Dion.

Tabla (Percussion) Bansuri (Flute) and Tambura (Drone). The violin and pads are from Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Hope ya likes it.

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Loves Embrace Cello Version

Hi all :o)

Here I’m using a Cello patch from Halion Symphonic Orchestra. I haven’t added any articulations after recording, it is “the way I played it.” I wrote this in 2008, I wasn’t into making videos that much at that time and my slow machine wasn’t capable of such effects. The know how was also a factor, and so was my budget. So, here’s this “in the studio” Cello thang. Many thanks for watching and for commenting, sharing etc etc.

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Medley Mashup Mix

This one isn’t just about moi. It’s very much about the fine people that bring my basslines and sometimes lyrics to life. So I wanted to make a little video that included them. Yes, there is some solo stuff in there, but it starts off with some collaborations, credits on who is doing what and where else to find it on the worldy wide webles. Dont forget to look out for the smiler…hehe, and if you’d care to make a comment or two here, on yotube or else where then I warmly invite you to do so. Thank you!! :)

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The Swans of The River Great Ouse

Hi all :)

hopes ya doing ok. I went out and about with my camcorder the other day and shot this film, puting one of my compositions to the visuals. I’m pretty pleased with the end result. I used a Panasonic V10 camera,  magix movie edit pro mx and some imagination….hehe. Swans are graceful creatures and I’ve always thought “Loves Embrace” which I wrote back in 2008 has a graceful ambience. So now I’ve been able to bring the visuals and the audio together. Hope ya like it.

Bye for now people :)

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Truth, Consciousness and Bass

Hey all :)

three days until the Olympics opening ceremony and the sun has been shining for more than two days in a row in the UK. How strange is that? Another strange occurrence is taking a walk on a tropical beach and not having to shake the sand out of your footwear, or wash the sand from between your toes.

Well, it’s not a strange occurrence if its a virtual beach is it…haha. I wrote this track some years back and now with the magic of my magix video program I can put some visuals to it. W00t.

Hope ya likes it, and thanks very much for listening.

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